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Yoga, dance, meditation, sound healing, Pilates, it makes no difference, all offer a journey into deepening our knowledge about self, about life, about connection, love and compassion. The key, an inquiring mind, and a desire to learn, to dig deeper, and to enjoy connecting to people who share a similar passion.

However, whilst my main role is to promote, develop and manage Space 238, my passion is dance. I will be running workshops in Argentine Tango, over the coming year. Beginners will be especially welcome, and, given the diversity of teachers at Space 238, there’ll be a focus on exploring movement through a range of disciplines. I invite people from all walks of life to join me on the dance floor.

This leaves me to extend a very warm welcome to the teachers, the practitioners, and all of the people who come to Space 238 – your energy is what will make this project a success. Your presence will bring a new dimension of life and vitality to an area steeped in cultural diversity and creativity. I welcome you all and invite you to share your ideas and passions within a space designed to celebrate life.



ABout us

My vision, to create a yoga dance studio within one of the most vibrant creative multicultural areas within Bristol’s inner city. Easton and St Pauls are the heart of the city, areas which have given birth to some of the greatest bands and DJ’s in the world, are home to a great reggae scene, to basement Blues Clubs, and to artists and creatives from all walks of life. For this reason, Stapleton Road, the main thoroughfare through Easton, is exactly the right place for Space 238. Where better to create a studio dedicated to discovering and exploring the essence of movement, inspired by disciplines whose roots are from around the world, than in the heart of one the most multi-cultural areas within the city.

Aaron Davies

Owner, and architectural designer, of Space 238.