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Ambra Vallo

Time: 10.30am – 1pm   

Places 24
Price £35  ea 

Special offer: £60 for 2 workshops; £90 for all 3 workshops

An introduction to the lineage of Dharma Yoga. 

this workshop, we will guide you through a series of techniques, which will include asana, pranayama, meditation, and understanding of the main teachings of the living master, Sri Dharma Mittra. 

We will explore variations of postures you may not encounter in any other lineages and give you instruction in how to take the steps to acquire these postures. 
The method weaves together many teachings to bring all students closer to the goal of Self-realization. Type your paragraph here.

Levels: all workshops are mixed levels - Ambra will break down and go through sequences step-by-step. No one will be left behind. 


A Day of Workshops with Ambra Vallo 


Workshop 1 “Ignite Your Soul With Dharma Yoga”

1 workshop:      £35

2 workshops:     £60

3 workshops:     £90

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This is an all-levels workshop 
2pm – 4.30pm
Places 24
Price £35  ea 
Special offer: £60 for 2 workshops; £90 for all 3 workshops

In this workshop, we will break down one of the most iconic poses of the Dharma Mittra lineage, the HOLLOW BACK. We will work on correct hand placement, body positioning and a wide range of drills designed to help you progress with flexibility, strength, stability, muscle endurance, and balance. 

The thoracic spine is an area that often lacks mobility. The beauty of the hollow back is that it allows us to isolate the upper chest, protect the lower back, and make us feel a glorious opening at the heart, even when lacking flexibility in the spine!!!! An amazing counterpose for people that spend their day in a hunched forward position working on a computer, driving or sitting.

To develop confidence, we will use the wall and work in pairs. Some will wave goodbye to the wall while others will find the pose for the first time with the wall. At the end of the workshop, you will have all the tools to become a hollow back addict.

Workshop 3 Maha Sadhana

5pm – 7.30pm 
Places 20
Price £35  ea 
Special offer: £60 for 2 workshops; £90 for all 3 workshops

The practice will touch on all aspects of Yoga through the classical system of Hatha-Raja, providing subtle breathing techniques to calm the mind, invigorate the body and energize the chakras, as well as healing mantras (sound vibrations) to stimulate the pituitary gland and subtle consciousness. 

The extended Charging Series and Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa posture flow, stretches, tones and strengthens the entire physical body. After all that effort you will experience a final guided meditation in deep relaxation – yoga nidra to recharge and rejuvenate the entire physical and mental system. 

The program culminates in Sri Dharma Mittra’s joyous signature Asana Satsang Jam. All students come together in a large circle for Kirtan – singing, as those that wish would offer their favourite postures to the teacher, the higher self, and each other.