Booking Classes and Workshops at Space 238

Use the Wellness Living app for easy access to our weekly schedule of classes, workshops, and events. The app is free but you do have to register if you want to book a session. Easy, quick, and convenient. 

How do I install the app?

Use the links above to log in from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

How do I become a member?

The 1st time you log in, you will be asked for an email address and password. Enter these, and away you go. For ease, I recommend a larger screen to set up your profile and details. Once you've done that, it's very simple to book classes, workshops, and events.

How much does membership cost?

It's free to become a member. We are a hybrid studio, in that the teachers pay Space 238 for the studio, you pay teachers for the class. The app enables us to work simply, quickly and efficiently. It also enables us to keep you up to date with special offers, class changes, cancellations, and so on. All in all, we believe this benefits everyone. 

Why use an app? I'd rather a phone system and receptionist? 

Traditional receptionist and telephone services are great but the classes would be another £5-8 a session, at the very least. We believe customer priorities are affordability, above and beyond all else. By using apps, Move GB, and other such services, our teachers can offer you the best possible value for your time and money.

Do I have to use an app?

If you don't have the technology to run these apps, or your an anarcho-syndicalist, no worries, find the classes you like and cut a deal with the teacher. No problem. Of course, you won't know when classes are canceled, or the studio is shut, but then again, everything has a price and we support your freedom to choose. Also, you can pay teachers in cash but do please bring the right amount.

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Classes and Workshops

Information about books and attending classes at Space 238

Space 238 offers amazing classes in yoga, meditation, Pilates, dance and other movement-based activities. You are welcome to join any of our classes and workshops.

  • How can I see what’s on? Go to the page titled Schedule. Alternatively, download our studio app. All of our classes and events are scheduled via Glofox.

  • How do I book a place in the class? You have several choices, which include booking via our app, GloFox, contacting the class teacher directly, through Move GB, or, dropping in on the off-chance there will be space.
  • Where can I find a teacher's details? The teacher’s contact details are listed in the Teacher page, within the class description, and on their website. 
  • Do I need to book in advance? All classes are drop-in. However, it’s recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Several of our classes get very busy and we have had to turn people away from time to time. 
  • Can I just drop in without booking? Yes, you can. Our studio is large, however, as classes become busier we recommend you book to avoid disappointment.
  • Can I book classes through Space 238? No, we don’t handle bookings. Please make your bookings with your teacher, or via GloFox, or MoveGB
  • How do I pay for a class? You pay your teacher directly. Options include Move GB, cash, or direct debit. Please discuss your options, deals, and concession rates, with your teacher.
  • Can I pay Space 238 for my class? Please note, we do not handle any money on behalf of teachers. We created the space, the teachers deliver inspiration.
  • Are your teachers qualified? All our teachers must register with us before they can hire space. We ensure they are fully qualified and insured before we agree to let them run classes.
  • Do I need to bring anything to my classes? Space 238 provides essential equipment for yoga and Pilates classes. If there are special requirements the teacher will let you know in advance. However, we encourage people to bring their own mat or towel mat. 

Polite request: the studio floor is sacred. Please do not wear outdoor shoes in the studio. As for all classes, we recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing appropriate to the class you are attending. If you are unsure, ask your teacher for more information.