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 I left my belongings at Space 238!

People leave all sorts at Space 238. You'd be amazed.

I understand, after a class, it can be easy to just drift off out the door and leave your clothes, watch, rings, scarf, helmet, fridge, parrot, dinosaur.....such is the amazing quality of our teachers, they engender a sense of otherworldliness in their customers. And for that, we're all very grateful. 

We do not have a receptionist

However, when it comes to your personal possessions, we do not have a receptionist. if we did, classes would cost another £5-10 each. And, as the owner, I certainly do not have time to go running up and down stairs to see if there are a pair of gloves, or a mat, or some such item left in the changing area.

That seems terribly unreasonable?

I'm sure it does but then there's one of me and 400 plus of you coming to Space 238 each week. Imagine, 10 items a week, 10 phone calls, 10 requests. If I responded to them all, checked whether the goods had been left, called you back, and so on, at 10 minutes per person, that would equate to 1 hour 40 minutes a week. Over 52 weeks, that would add up to 86 hours of my time, or, 2.1 working weeks. 

But it's just part and parcel of running a studio, surely?

Well, Space 238 hires space to teachers. Our duty is to create and manage the space for teachers. Goods left behind, after a class, is really a matter between you and the teacher. 

I hope that helps explain why I do not field inquiries about belongings that have been left at Space 238.  

So how do I get my belongings back?

I put everything into a box which lives in the changing area. To collect your belongings, here's what you do: 

Check the class schedule 

Comes to the studio either 10 minutes before after a class. There will be a teacher here. Explain what you want and they will no doubt let you in. 


If the cafe reopens, which is our intention, then you will able to come along during the day and collect your belongings at pretty much any time but until then, access is restricted to the daily class schedule. 

In general, I recommend bringing a bag to classes. Put your belongings in the bag, and check everything before you leave.