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Lynda Laird

Kitty Billings

Kitty have lived a life infused with Yoga since she was a young teenager. While studying a degree in Public Health in 2004 she discovered the dynamic Ashtanga Yoga practice and moved deeply into the Mysore form. Studying in India brought her closer to the sister school of Yoga, Ayurveda and her fascination with nutrition and healing plants continues to grow in the form of teaching and conducting one to one consultations. Kitty is committed to engaging in nourishing work for the soul and finds herself collaborating with like minded souls who are equally dedicated to well being. Kitty is ecstatic about being part of the Bristol yoga community. 

Alistair Edmunds

I have been training in Somatic Movement Education with the School for Body-Mind Centring for the past 3 years. completing a variety of courses in the UK, France and Italy. I teach regular Contact Improvisation classes in Bristol and have been dancing CI for over 7 years. I have taught an in depth somatics/BMC course for movement practitioners and have brought BMC into my CI teaching over the last two years. I also have an enduring interest in different movement practices including; skinner release, Hanna somatics, Feldenkris, Qui Gong, martial arts, dance and climbing.Type your paragraph here.

Fay Trezise

Originally trained as a dancer Fay has enquired into the moving body most of her life. She trained in Cecheeti Ballet from a young age and later went on to study contemporary dance in her early teens. At 18 years old she spent 4 years training in Choreography, Performance and Dance movement techniques whist working as a Professional Dancer alongside. Fay offers a wealth of experience in anatomical alignment, movement development and dynamic phrasing. Fay gives her students tailored adjustments, a safe practice and facilities their potential growth in their physical bodies but also off the mat. Since her early 20's Fay has delved deeply in the study of asana and consideration of yogic philosophy and how it can lead to potential healing through movement. 

Jez Gratten-Kane

My teaching foundation is based on my own exploration of Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. The classes I share are born out of a passion for Yoga and a gratitude for the balance, joy and purpose is has bought to my life. Having experienced the benefits of a committed regular practice, and consistent ongoing personal and professional development. With over a year spent studying in India and Nepal. Returning as registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Currently I am studying a further 300hr YTTC and undertaking a Diploma in Intergrative Counselling. It is a strong belief I hold that Yoga not only improves the physical body but also brings emotional resilience and balance to the mind.

The breath is a key focus of my classes.. Our breath is a thread which follows us through all human experience. As we explore our Asana practice, it is my aim to cultivate your breath awareness and capacity. Allowing you to intergrate its powerful adaptive effects into all areas of life.

Lesley Pender

Lel began falling in love with yoga 16 years ago inspired by Nick Freeman and various teachers in Goa and Mysore, India. Lel trained initially with the British Wheel of Yoga qualifying in 2009, and since then has complimented this with yin/yang teacher training with Sarah Powers, Tenn Yoga training in Bath, and lastly further training with Bristol teachers Christopher Gladwell and Sarah Harlow. Weaving this all together in a creative mix, firmly rooted in a background of mediation practice and counselling and group work, Lel's class is all about feeling good, feeling alive, making yoga work for you! Lel's yoga has at its foundation in the belief that 'it's not about making shapes.' Her focus is on yoga being about listening to our bodies, and knowing that movement, breath and body posture affects our hormones, our neurology, our mental health, and quite simply how we feel on an everyday basis - we have the power to affect how we feel and how we are in the world. Yoga is a practice of transformation. 

Lel is experienced in teaching people recovering from addictions and mental health issues, children, teens, older people, Deaf people through sign language, and is able to work with different needs within a class. A variety of bodies, souls and abilities are welcomed here.

Dominique Picot

My love for yoga has helped me navigate some curve balls in life. Still trying to figure this great journey all out, but I can attest that the quality of attention nurtured on the mat has kaleidoscoped my perspective. I feel I'm stepping on a path that is a bit brighter, more curious and full of potential  What may start as simply breath and movement (Vinyasa) could spiral into an entire emotional, physical and even spiritual transformation!

I have so many inspirations in yoga and bring a flavour of it all to my classes. My style is energetic and uplifting which invites people to feel at ease and playful. From powerful flows to deep relaxation and meditation, I weave themes and postures into a fluid practice.

Take a step onto the mat and tap into that delightful power source within!

Carolyn Thompson

Motivated by the need for a big change of pace, for more family time and focus o
n health and happiness, I left my Recruitment career behind in 2016 to embark
on Yoga Teacher Training - haven’t looked back since!

My son’s enthusiasm for exploring physicality and my own childhood love for all
things movement and dance have naturally evolved my teacher training journey into Children’s Yoga as well as Vinyasa.

Whether sharing yoga with you, kids in schools, preschoolers or families, I’m passionate about creating an opportunity for everyone to slow down and re-connect, nurturing community and restoring a little balance to the buzzing pace of city life.

Lila Causo


Rhianna Micciche

Rhianna has been studying the effects of sound on individuals, groups, art, the senses, and wellbeing for the last seven years. In 2012 she graduated with a 2:1 in Fine Art specialising in sound, which gave her a very unique insight into how people interact with sound on a daily basis. Her main focus was on how people experience sound through all the senses, expressed in the forms of video, installation, performance and sculpture. After graduation she decided to explore sound and wellbeing and is now a fully qualified and insured sound therapist. She brings together the ideas of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Mindfulness, her own research, and personal experience on how sound affects the energetic system to create a unique, intuitive and exciting method of person-centred healing.

James Dunn

James’ classes are fun and friendly with dynamic sequencing building strength,
flexibility and body awareness. He offers options throughout the practice,
allowing you to either ease off or find a stronger practice, meaning classes are
suitable for all levels, including beginners.

James has a busy, fast-pace job as a manager in the NHS. His yoga practice
has offered him profound benefits of calmness, clarity, and creativity that he takes
into his work and wider life. He seeks to share this experience in his teaching,
allowing you to see where you can take your yoga practice off the mat and into your

Vinnett Alvaranga Uzima

☯ Yo-Go with the Flow ... 75 mins over 7 sessions you can expect to deepen your practice in a moving majestic vinyasa sequence, leading towards self-practice. Weaving music, insense and candles in a wonderful and magical setting.
☯ Let's make our Yoga elemental, to connect to inner space via the mothership ... we want our Yoga "uncut", freeflowing and energising.
☯ An invitation to loosen up and create space in the spine, lower back, in your trunk with all that junk, into, under, around and above the shoulders and joints, lengthen those tired muscles, open up the backs of those knees from sitting and release under those arms, whilst using the breath to go deeper and find the stillness within the pose.
☯ I'm offering a Vinyasa Sequence fusing Salutations (Sun and Moon), Standing, Balancing, Seated Poses, inversions with Mantras, Mudras and Meditation to chillax, a bolster sequence to sink into stillness ... to let go and simply be for the evening.
Satnam ... let's make and take the time to shine from within🌄🌞🌞

Holly Mullen

Holly has been practising yoga for over 10 years and completed her 200hrs
teacher training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow in India. Following a back injury
she developed a passion for yoga; it helped her to gain strength and stability,
body awareness, and a sense of ease and content in both body and mind. It has
become an essential way of life and Holly is excited to share the many benefits
with her students.

Holly’s Stretch & Flow yoga class is a dynamic flow through physical yoga
postures along with breath awareness, with a focus on strength and stability.
Welcoming all levels, this class is challenging yet light hearted and will leave
your body feeling energised and your mind relaxed.

Ranta Devi Avarate

RANTA DEVI AVERATE teaches beginners to advanced Dharma Yoga & Forrest Yoga classes. Ranta teaches in a firm but playful manner, with loving devotion & sincere respect towards her students. As a full-time yogi and yoga teacher, she is now dedicating her life in service to humanity.

200RYT Zuna Yoga (Bali, Indonesia, 2015) 
500RYT Dharma Yoga (New York, USA, 2017)
700 HR Dharma Yoga - Pranayama & Meditation (New York, USA, 2018)
100HR Advanced Forrest Yoga with Ana Forrest (Berlin, Germany, 2018)
50HR Advanced Intensive -Pregnancy & Anatomy with Ambra Vallo (Italy, 2018)

Life Philosophy: Tibetan Buddhism. Compassion & Non Violence
Diet: Vegan / Raw Vegan

Megan Coles

Megan offers a playful yet strong class with a focus on alignment, awareness and acceptance. Breath work, music, mantra, philosophy and psychological approaches are often woven in to the physical practise to encourage connection with other elements of the yoga tradition. Megan’s work as a Clinical Psychologist infuses her classes with a flavour of curiosity, creativity and compassion. She seeks to facilitate students to go beyond the physical postures and deeper into their experience, seeing that yoga can offer transformation on a number of levels. Megan is keen to show students that they are stronger than they think, whether that’s the strength to hold an arm balance or the strength to know it’s time for child’s pose. In light of this, classes often include strengthening sequences to challenge your edges as well as invitations to rest and reflect. As a scientist-practitioner Megan loves the opportunity to discover knew knowledge – check out her Facebook page for her latest musings.

Igne Barkauskaite

BPTP is founded by Bristol-based performer and theatre-maker Igne Barkauskaite. Igne trained at Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and also holds a BA in Drama at UWE in Bristol. Whilst in Paris, Igne has also had an opportunity to train with Peter Brook (International Centre for Theatre Research) and Nina Dipla (Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch). After completing her two – year course at Lecoq, Igne continued her research at Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico (INDA) in Syracuse, Italy, where she also worked as a visiting movement teacher for the undergraduate actors’ course (2013-2014). As a performer and theatre-maker Igne has collaborated with The Missing Pieces (Hamilton House, Bristol Old Vic), The Edible Theatre (Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Uncut), The Mechanical Animal Coorporation (The Paintworks, Bristol Old Vic, Edinburgh Fringe), Panevezio Dramos Teatras (Lithuania), O&O Ensemble (The Wardrobe, The Lyric Theatre, Theatre N16 Balham, The Shoebox Theatre, Exeter Phoenix), BreadKnives (Paris-London). She is represented by Bristol Actors Management Associates and is currently working as a visiting specialist at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Having trained as a professional dancer and aerialist, I have focused my entire
life on using the body as a tool for exploring emotional and physical boundaries. I
teach a strong yoga practice as well as ballet and contemporary. I love being
able to encourage others to use their bodies to express themselves, release
energy, negative emotions; whatever they need alongside gaining fitness and
having fun!

Ailsa Burns

A little bit about me: I trained with Frog Lotus International in Vinyasa Flow.  I have practiced yoga for almost 10 years and it is something that I feel truly passionate about.  I also have a life long passion for sustainability issues and I believe that the ethos of yoga go hand in hand with trying to be kinder to the planet. 

www.frostedfeather.com : www.instagram.com/ailsaburns.

Here at Space 238 we are excited to welcome new energies, new teachers, new classes, new styles of body movement and at a new Bristol studio, that's a whole lot of newness! 

I have practising yoga for the last 18 years – it’s something I have always gone back, especially
during challenging times; it has given me so much understanding of
where I get 'stuck' in life and has allowed me to move through difficult times
with a lot more ease.

My practice and teaching have evolved over the years from Ashtanga to power and
more recently Yin yoga. My vinyasa classes now although still strong in parts are a lot
more intuitive and gentle than my power days. I also teach a deliciously
restorative yin with a specifically selected ambient play list to stop and sink into.

Pip Roberts

Pip has an honest and authentic teaching style: she fuses together modern science with esoteric thinking, tempting you in. West and East meet and collaborate in explanations. Classes are laid back, energetic and have an open vibe. Pip holds the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma 500hr course certificate in addition to being a certified strala guide having completed another 200 hours of training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor of StralaNYC as well as yin yoga training with Norman Blair from Indaba, London. A naturally energetic person, yoga has proven to be a way for Pip to centre through movement, to calm. Science has always been of great interest: this led to a biology degree, the anatomy & physiology and biomechanics being of choice. This is reflected in her teaching. Pip has been voted one of ClassPass most zen yoga classes and her classes are a favourite of “The Body” Elle Macpherson.

Veronica Barbero

Veronica is a qualified Level 3 Mat Pilates instructor; she was introduced to Pilates from a young age after years of dancing, and rediscovered it more recently as part of efforts to re-gain upper body strength following a shoulder injury and to assist with knee and hip joint pain resulting from a lot of running and cycling. Her classes are hands on and kept to a maximum of 8 people to maximise the benefits of the practice with adpations to suit all levels. The focus is on precise and controlled movements which aim to strengthen, lengthen and stretch all the main muscle groups. Her aim is for every person to leave her class standing a little taller, feeling a little stronger, ready for the day ahead and committed to adoring their core!

Nicola Smith

Hi, I’m Nicola Smith, co-founder of Bodywisdom School of Massage. I have been working with touch, movement and yoga for the past 20 years, studying with Asokananda from the Sunshine Network and co-founding Bodywisdom school in 2010 with my sister Fiona. 

The inspiration for teaching comes from my own learning journey. Sharing the tradition of traditional Thai massage is more than acquiring a solid foundation in sensitive and deep bodywork, it’s also about learning and being together in community; creating a sanctuary within which to experience ourselves more deeply and facilitating transformation through the experiences of both giving and receiving. 

The school runs one-day workshops, beginner's courses, Practitioner Diploma training and specialist advanced workshops. www.bodywisdom.org.uk for more details.

Email: Info@bodywisdom.org.uk
Phone: 07930 442639

Michelle Toll

Michelle's love for yoga and all things acro has been an exciting journey of community, fun, wisdom, challenge, creativity and trust. 
Inspired by a passion for dance and AcroYoga she spent 2 months with Yoga Beyond in Bali training Vinyasa Flow and ACROVINYASA Level 1+2. Her ACROVINYASA classes focus on the consistency of yoga practice within acro, moving with breath when taking asanas from earth to air. Expect focus, precision and flow. 

Based in Bristol, UK. Please PM for private sessions and more info on the Bristol Acro community.

Seanie Smith

I teach slow flowing Hatha yoga. I focus on breathe and alignment using clear

Anna Hill

As a physiotherapist, kinesiologist and yoga instructor, Anna is passionate about holistic health. Anna has practiced yoga from a young age and in many different countries having lived around the world growing up.  After 6 years of practicing physiotherapy she decided to teach yoga as tool for strengthening the body and mind to prevent future injuries and illness. Having studied her 200hrs of yoga Yoga Teacher Training in India, specialising in Vinyasa and Ashtanga, she encourages exploration of ideas in line with the true meaning of yoga.