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SPACE 238 training

Training rates

(These are provisional for January and February, subject to review)

Continuous block booking
 1‐hour: £10 per hour
 2‐hours: £8 per hour

The studio is available for hourly hire, in the afternoons, for training. To book space, you need to
register with Space 238, after which you will be sent a link to the booking calendar. You cannot book
space unless you are registered with studio and have done an induction. The following clarifies how
to book space, the rates payable, and the general terms and conditions of hire.

There is a separate form for booking the café space. If you are interested in booking the front space,
for events, meetings or other activities, please contact Space 238 to discuss your requirements. If in
doubt, call me, it’s generally quicker and easier than sending emails and messages.

Schedule and availability
Monday to Friday ‐studio is available in the afternoons.
the studio is available occasionally on Saturday and Sunday afternoons
the studio is sometimes available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings

Booking studio time
You need to be registered with Space 238. Once registered, you will be sent a link to a shared
calendar. You can then select and book studio time accordingly. You do not need to 
be a qualified
teacher to train at the studio.

Studio Hire - to run weekly classes, workshops, one-off events, and for personal training