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Space 238 in Easton, Bristol is a bespoke studio running a rich tapestry of dance, yoga, physical theatre, music, and other movement-based practices. Our programme is run by a team of excellent inspiring teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Our daily lives can be challenging, stressful and tiring. Within the densely populated parts of the inner-city, even more so. Space 238 was born out of a belief that it’s essential to make time to move in a way that’s focused, disciplined, playful and creative. Participating in regular focused practice has the power to transform our lives and wellbeing. Our schedule will really appeal to people who appreciate excellence and variety in equal measure.

To find out what’s on offer, head on over to our calendar. If you don’t know where to start, try a couple of classes to discover more. Our Q&A page covers a range of everyday questions about practical matters. Finally, stay up to date about classes, workshops, and events by signing up for our newsletter and subscribing to our blog.  

I wish you a wonderful enjoyable journey discovering the world of Space 238.


A warm welcome from us all

"A bespoke yoga and movement studio in Bristol creating a haven and community for weekly classes, workshops, training, events, photoshoots, and more."

Thanks for joining the community, we'll be in touch with meaningful news on new classes, workshops, events, and more.


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