Breath Flow Yoga




Breath Flow Yoga
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The classes I enjoy teaching are a creative flowing Yoga Asana practice themed around the powerful link between body, breath, and mind. Using Pranayama we can learn to use the breath as a master key into your body. Tuning up, down or balancing out the nervous system. We will be developing the breath as an anchor to calm the mind and a tool to explore and open our bodies. Finding the balance, you need between effort and ease in your practice on your mat.

The class is open to all levels, whilst remaining with a healthy element of challenge. Wrapped up the air of lightheartedness and open inquiry.

The aim of my class is to empower you with breath awareness. This is an excellent tool which can integrate seamlessly into daily life. Enhancing your enjoyment of life and developing resilience to physical, mental and emotional stress.

Wishing you all the best.

£7 per session. Ask the teacher for package deals