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The Cooperative Model

What is the cooperative model?

A proven response to hard economic times

The classic business model isn’t the only one out there. The cooperative model is a longstanding response to hard economic times.


Cooperatives don’t chase profit. They chase sustainability. Money is reinvested into the business.


They’re also democratic, because all members of the coop contribute and take decisions together.

Where do cooperatives come from?

In the Netherlands, the cooperative first became popular over 100 years ago. Since 2020, this type of business is having a major resurgence.


It’s a comeback that’s not limited to Europe. US President Joe Biden is also pushing cooperatives as a potential solution to modern economic challenges.


Closer to home, the UK already has a thriving sector of over 7000 cooperatives and mutuals.

Why are cooperatives making a comeback?

In times when many high street businesses simply won’t survive without more support, the cooperative model is the way many are choosing to protect themselves and their communities.


With the right cooperative structure - and the support it already has from leading community members and groups - Space 238 could put a very good bid into the Community Fund.


However, the overriding goal is that the local community doesn’t lose this precious resource. The current owners are very open to discussing other ideas.

Can I help?

Might you have the skills - in business, accountancy, catering and hospitality, fundraising, and more - needed to help set up a cooperative?


Reach out to us at to chat about it.

Share the Space 238 campaign with friends. Or share with us your thoughts on what losing Space 238 would mean to you.

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