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Hi Folks,

A couple of things. Space 238 now has a new website, designed to make it easier to find classes and workshops, and to book a place, too. After all, if a thing is easy to do, we're much more likely to it.

Here's how it works. You go the page titled Daily Classes, select a day or teacher, and click apply filter. Hey presto, you can see what's on that day or which days your teacher runs classes.

To book, click on one of the options - email, website link, or Move GB. Please note, not all teachers offer Move GB anymore. More about that in a separate blog.

Thinking ahead, the current pandemic has placed some pressure on all of the studios in Bristol, and around the country, too, of course. Our specific Space 238 measures are simple - we have 9 places for people coming to class and we ask you, please, book in advance; please bring your mat, wear a mask in the changing area, and use the hand sanitiser provided. Other than that, just be careful, and look out for your own and other's safety. That's the serious bit.

The lighter bit, come to class and treat yourself to an hour away from it all. An hour on the mat works wonders for shedding stress and anxiety and reconnecting with yourself, especially if you have children, elderly parents or others to look after. The reality is, if you are in a good space, you will be better placed to support and work with those around you.

If you have any questions about the classes or workshops, please feel free to email the teachers directly. They will be very happy to help you out. Which just leaves me to say, welcome to Space 238, enjoy the journey,

All the very best, Aaron and the Team

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