Kathleen Downie

I first attended Hatha yoga from the recommendation of my college councillor when I was 20. This was over 20 years ago. Yoga became a home, a ground, a safe place for reflecting on who I was in the universe and still is.

I soon began Vinnie yoga where I worked one to one with Geoff Farrer weekly and daily self practice for some years. In 2003 I found Ashtanga Yoga, which I initially learned the ‘wrong’ way; teaching myself in my bedroom from the book ‘Power Yoga’ by Beryl Bender Birch. Since then I have practiced regularly though not devoutly ever since; learning and unlearning with a variety of teachers around the world, especially enjoying teachers who trained with Richard Freeman.

Christopher Gladwell has been my most consistent teacher for 11 years. His approach has brought more honesty, kindness and joy into my practice.

As well as practicing yoga I have a visual arts and performance background. In 2005 I trained in Circus and physical theatre at Circomedia. I have since worked as and trained in a variety of physical performance and dance forms with particular emphasis on improvisation, embodied and somatically informed practices. I have taught contact improvisation, contemporary dance to over 55s and have led an improvisation based physical performer training group. I also work as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties.

I believe in what Ken Wilber describes as the importance of growing up at the same time as waking up, and have looked at my own ‘stuff’’ through various therapies including humanistic counselling, craniosacral therapy, and re-evaluation other wise known as co-counselling, which I practice regularly.

These other experiences influence my teaching.

In February 2018 I completed a 300 hour advanced teacher training in Integral Yoga with the Yogasara school led by Christopher Gladwell and Sarah Harlow.

As a teacher I love working with diverse groups of people.

In my classes I create a warm, supportive and welcoming space where everyone can explore and deepen their awareness in order to find greater ease and joy. I encourage you to grow towards, find your edge and try new things with a mixture of humour, lightness and depth.