Laura Fry

Laura Fry

Hi my name is Laura,

If you are interested in joining one of my classes or reaching out for a 1:1 session, I believe it is important to know a bit about what I represent as a teacher and as an individual.

After completing my training in vinyasa flow and traditional hatha yoga at The Power Of Now Oasis, Bali, 3 years ago I have been on a journey of education and practice. Using what I have learnt and direction from my distinguished teacher trainers, I have a unique and enjoyable style, emphasising on breath, alignment and progression - body and mind.

As a teacher, sharing yoga in an authentic and balanced way is very important to me. My classes consist of different types of pranayama (breathing techniques), a fluid flow with a variety of asanas (postures), ending with dhyana (meditation) and a relaxing shavasana.

No two classes are ever alike but do always include these branches of yoga. There is a focus on stepping into and staying with the breath, remaining present throughout the class.

I sometimes incorporate the philosophies of yoga as intentions behind our practice. Creating interesting and challenging sequences to open and tone the body, using music to compliment each flow. We move from a place of rhythm and consciousness.

As a student, I am passionate about leading a healthy and fulfilled life, physically and mentally. Through self practice and study, yoga helps me to live in the present moment, this is the main benefactor for me.

I appreciate and often remind myself of this continuous journey of progress and practice.

Travelling has played a significant role in my path to yoga. Taking time to reconnect is hugely beneficial to our mental health, I have used what I know to create wellness retreats. I am enthusiastic about inspiring others to visit different countries and cultures. Living life gaining experiences and practicing self care.

Currently I am expanding my anatomy and physiology knowledge by completing a course in pilates.

I am excited to teach all that I am learning and will be leading classes later in the year. Pilates is rehabilitating and brings awareness to strengthening the body from our core.

My intention is to share what I know so I can guide a safe and meaningful practice, offering yoga as a way to lead a more positive and compassionate life.

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