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Lel Pender
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Lel began falling in love with yoga 16 years ago inspired by Nick Freeman and various teachers in Goa and Mysore, India. Lel trained initially with the British Wheel of Yoga qualifying in 2009, and since then has complimented this with yin/yang teacher training with Sarah Powers, Tenn Yoga training in Bath, and lastly further training with Bristol teachers Christopher Gladwell and Sarah Harlow. Weaving this all together in a creative mix, firmly rooted in a background of meditation practice and counselling and group work, Lel's class is all about feeling good, feeling alive, making yoga work for you! Lel's yoga has at its foundation the belief that 'its not about making shapes.' Her focus is on yoga being about listening to our bodies, and knowing that movement, breath and body posture affects our hormones, our neurology, our mental health, and quite simply how we feel on an everyday basis - we have the power to affect how we feel and how we are in the world. Yoga is a practice of transformation. Lel is experienced in teaching people recovering from addictions and mental health issues, children, teens, older people, Deaf people through sign language, and can work with different needs within a class. A variety of bodies, souls and abilities are welcomed here.

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