Lena Pascoe

I've been practicing yoga for in excess of 13 years now and I've found myself thinking what my life would've been like had I discovered it when I was younger? I guess the answer to that is I didn't because I wasn't supposed to, my path was to discover it exactly when I did! There's a wonderful quote by Pattabhi Jois that I love, 'So whether you do your first downward dog at 4 or 44, it's not your history but your presence on your mat that counts.' So essentially it doesn't matter :-). I completed my training with Soma Yoga and Medicine School with the wonderful Nicole Aarons: an initial 200 hours and then a further 500 hours, I'm certified with the Independent Yoga Network. The style of yoga I teach is influenced by my teacher's eclectic style, what I've learned along my journey and other influences. What you can expect from me is a flowing practice incorporating breathwork or pranayama, elements of kundalini, ashtanga vinyasa, yoga based on the 5 elements, along with some of the Ayurvedic and shamanic principles. I honour the cycles of the moon and the seasons. Developing awareness of your body and observing what's going on or coming up for you is also a theme of mine, as well as accepting yourself as you are in this moment. Also the importance of placement and positioning of the body with of the breath to ease into your physical practice. I'm passionate about being well and keeping oneself well and putting into place what you need to enable this to happen. My own personal experiences, former employment working with clients and staff with mental health issues as well as my Degree in Counselling with included a module in Social and Mental Health has further increased my awareness. I share wellness tips in my classes.