Empowering Arm Balance & Inversions


2nd Sep 2020

Empowering Arm Balance & Inversions










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Join me for an afternoon of  yoga, learning the foundations, tips and tricks to give flight in your practice.

We'll look at a few different balances, and explore the use of props to ensure a safe practice.

**Due to Covid I will not be able to give hands-on adjustments or support, if you are unsure about anything then please let me know, so we can find a solution - props and walls will be used!**

Please PM me to book and let me know if you have any questions about the workshop.

This workshop is listed to 8 in studio spaces, I am also taking limited online bookings.

Investment... £20 for in studio bookings,

Online £15 or MoveGB

~ Shell ~

If you've never done yoga before then this workshop will not be for you, but if you have a practice and haven't tried much balancing or inversions then this is a perfect place to have a go. If you can balance or need a bit more help exploring micro adjustments to improve your practice then come along for the playtime and I can support you in getting a little extra lift! Options will be given for all levels.