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This page answers FAQs about the studio like- how to find out what’s on the schedule, book classes,  what to wear or bring with you, to name a few. If you can’t find an answer to a question, feel free to ask when you visit the studio.

Booking a class & studio guidelines

Lost Property

As a community-led studio we don't have a reception or do bookings by the phone. If you have lost something at the studio it's best to contact the teacher or pop down to see the lost property box in the back room with the lockers. If you suspect you've left your wallet or house keys you can contact us on and we'll try to reply asap. 



This is a community-led studio meaning that teachers coordinate their classes and bookings independently. This means we have no receptions so it is quickest to contact the teacher directly as they will be more than happy to answer class-related questions or queries.

Prices & Paying for Classes

Teachers deal with bookings and payments for their classes. Space 238 does not get involved in booking classes for people or taking payment on behalf of teachers. The prices for classes are listed on the schedule. Please note, most teachers offer deals if you come to their class regularly. To find out more, please ask the teacher. You can find their contact details on their profile.

Booking a Class or Workshop

Covid notice - due to the pandemic, we have a new protocol for classes and workshops. You need to book a class or workshop; there is no drop-in option at the moment. To book, go to the Classes tab, select the class you want to attend and chose one of the links to book a space. Alternatively, you can also contact the teacher for further details.

Start times

The advertised time is when the class starts. Please come to the studio 10 to 15 minutes beforehand. Once a session has started, you cannot go into the studio. It disrupts the class. Please give yourself time to get to the studio and prepare for the class.  

When a class finishes, please leave the studio promptly. You are very welcome to stay and chat in the café. We encourage you to do so. But, please do not linger in the studio, it holds up the general flow.

Studio Etiquette

We have a couple of requests - no outdoor shoes, and no drink or food, in the studio. You can bring a bottle of water, with a properly sealed lid, of course. Oh, and mobile phones and other devices must be turned off or set to silent.


Space 238 provides the basics props for most classes. This includes yoga mats, but they get used regularly. Due to covid-19, we do not provide mats. Please bring your own mat to the class. Alternatively, bring a yoga towel to lay over the top of one of our studio mats.    


Space 238 - membership

We support independent facilitators by providing a studio space in which to run classes, workshops and events. To book, contact facilitators. Their details are on the classes, workshops and teachers pages. 


Class memberships

Space 238 membership does not offer pre-paid packages. Yet. However, most of our teachers offer package deals. Please talk to your preferred teacher to find out more.


Move GB and Class Pass

Move GB offer city-wide membership packages. For details, go to or  To find out more, chat with the teachers.

General info about classes

New to Yoga

Without a doubt, if you have little experience of yoga some classes are more suitable than others. We have highlighted these on our website. Whatever you decide, talk to the teacher. Once they have seen you in action, they can guide you to the most suitable classes.

Class Info

New to Physical Theatre

For theatre and drama classes, you need some experience. These are not for complete beginners. You do not have to be a professional actor, but you do need to be reasonably fit and have some experience in drama, dance, theatre, movement or some such activity. To find out more, contact the teacher directly. 

What do I need to wear?

For most classes, wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. Layers are always a good option because you can remove or add clothes to stay cool or warm. Most classes are done bare-footed. If you are not comfortable being bare-footed, wear specialist socks that have grip. Normal socks are slippery and therefore dangerous when it comes to any activity in the studio.

Injuries and medical conditions

Whilst teachers at Space 238 must be qualified to run classes, their duty of care does not include managing any conditions you might have. It is your responsibility to check with your GP to find out if any given activities are appropriate for you. What teachers can do is give you modified instructions so that you can participate fully in each class. In all cases, chat to the teacher to find out more.

Lockers and valuables

We provide small lockers with padlocks. Please put your valuables in the lockers. Do not leave them in your coat pockets. The café is a public space and whilst we are very careful, we cannot guarantee the safety of your valuables. Therefore, be wise, be safe and use the lockers.  


There are some bicycle racks almost directly outside the studio and along Stapleton Rd. We cannot accommodate bicycles in the studio.

Is your Studio for Hire?

Studio hire

Space 238 hires studio space for individuals and groups to run workshops, regular classes, events or private training sessions. To find out more, visit our Studio Hire Page.

Studio Hire


Our blog gives news about what’s workshops, events and classes at Space 238, including interviews with teachers and articles of interest.

Keywords: physical theatre, yoga, meditation, pranayama, dance, wellness, Ayurveda.

Visit us

We're on Stapleton Road, transport options can be found here.



When coming into the building, please keep your mask on until you are in the studio and on your mat. To avoid confusion, no mask, no class.  

Covid 19

Keep it simple

Changing facilities are limited, In the interests of everyone, please come changed. If you need to change, please use the toilets in the basement.

Hand sanitiser 

There are dispensers in the cafe and studio. Please use them.


You will need to bring your own mat. We have some clean low-cost 2nd-hand mats for sales if you need one. 

Studio layout 

There are stickers on the floor to show where you can put your mat/practice space. When coming into the studio, head to the end and take the next available space. 

Contact details

Please give your name, email address and mobile phone number to the teacher. It's a legal requirement. 

Feeling unwell 

Just don't even think about coming to the studio if you're feeling unwell - cold, flu, funny tummy, aches - just stay home, eat well, look after yourself and get better.

General statement

Whatever your views, Covid-19 has transformed our lives. We are rebuilding our studio, our teachers are rebuilding their classes and workshops, we need to be careful, kind and supportive. Please, look out for one another.  

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